On Saturday 5 October 2013 I played the role of Dave Cannelloni Fibonacci Vermicelli Esquire (Known to his associates as ‘Dangerous Dave) as the MC for UCT Ballroom’s Formal 2013 – a 1920s themed dinner dance at Kelvin Grove in the style of a warehouse speakeasy.

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“Thank you fauw joinin’ us on this auwspicious occasion.”

The character is a personable gangster with a New York City English accent (a.k.a ‘Brooklyn’ accent – ‘auw’ sounds replacing ‘ay’ sounds, etc.). He speaks in an overly magnanimous tone with menacing undertones.

[styled_image w=”480″ h=”320″ lightbox=”yes” image=”https://davidluyt.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/dangerous-dave-2.jpg” caption=”Test” link=”https://davidluyt.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/dangerous-dave-2.jpg”]

Dave was the right-hand man to the anonymous benefactor of the event, one ‘Mr Quickstep’. He and his ‘associates’ manned the warehouse door to the speakeasy and roughed up any revelers who couldn’t remember the password.

The night ended with a police raid where Dave was apprehended and revealed the identity of his mystery employer.

The accent was tough to learn at first and trailed into Australian territory for a while, but with the help of a few accent tutorial videos – Dangerous Dave was born.

Photos by Arran Graham of www.afgphoto.co.za