I’ve been doing singing lessons since about May this year. I’ve sung on stage before (once in a musical in high school and again in a few duets with a friend of mine as part of here showcase), but this was really the first time I’d ever sung on my own. It made me nervous, which is unusual because I’m usually very at home on the stage – but I was quite aware that singing was something very different from acting. But, all went well and I’m keen to jump on stage again and belt out a few tunes whenever I get an opportunity. As they say – pics or it didn’t happen. Well, I have videos!

I sang two songs as part of an extract from ‘Vocal Velocity’, an Amy Campbell Production presented by KMA Academy.

The first was ‘All I Care About is Love’ from Chicago:

And the second was ‘You’re the Top’, a song from Anything Goes by Cole Porter:

The second one was definitely the better of the two, but it was also the one I’d learned most recently – so it just goes to show what a little bit of last minute learning can do!