Every website needs a home on the internet. And like a home, a well kept hosting server is one that people want to visit. Here’s the results of my investigations into the best maintained budget places for your little website to live in South Africa:

Provider Package Price Space Traffic Mailboxes
Gridhost Personal R26.95p/m 800 mb Unknown 15 POP Accounts
Hetzner Micro Pro R39p/m 150 mb 3 GB (local) & 10 GB (International) 50 POP Accounts
Texo All-in-One Hosting R40p/m 5 gb 100 GB (Local and international) 10 Google Apps Accounts

I am using Texo at the moment, and so far so good. Signup was quick and easy. They had the domain registered and I was happily installing WordPress within half an hour of handing over my personal information and credit card details. However, I don’t know much about their servers or where they are located. Maybe it was the quirky graphics on their website that swung me.

Some people I’ve talked to think it’s better to go with a bigger company like Hetzner. But, as you can see from the table above, you get far less bang for your buck.