Lifehacker re-blogged an article about working more efficiently by identifying your unique working style that resonated with me. Here’s my take on the four styles that they talk about in a nifty table:

Style Pros Cons
Doer Bias towards doing something and focused on the task at hand. Doesn’t communicate as well as they should.
Leader Inspire others to do things. Doesn’t always understand the people they inspire.
Empath Build relationships between people to solve problems. Spend too much time focused on people and not enough on problems.
Scholar Analyzing problems in detail and organizing solutions Spend too much time solving problems theoretically and not enough time solving them practically.


I don’t think anyone falls neatly into a particular style. People are more complicated than that. But, I think there are one or two types that a apply most strongly to each of us.

I’m probably a scholar, with a bit of leader and empath thrown in. I’ve got to exercise self control to be a doer.

What style are you?